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photo of ShoutHaus principal, Stephen Fraga
Stephen Fraga

Your Instructor

Stephen Fraga is a web development expert and veteran trainer

Stephen has over 15 years' experience designing websites with both back-end functionality and front-end design. His sites include:

More importantly, Stephen is a patient teacher and will make sure you leave class knowing how to implement everything you've learned. He is always available to answer questions after class.


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HTML Fundamentals

Learn the basics of web development. At the end of this class you should be able to create a multi-page site with a navigation menu, titles and headings, bulleted sections, and images. Topics include:

  • Tools: web browsers and text editors
  • Basic HTML tags
  • Formatting text
  • Titles and headings
  • Emoji and weird characters
  • Links and Folder structure
  • Images
  • Registrars, DNS, and servers
  • Sending your files to a web server using FTP
Duration:12 hours
Format:One-on-one, oline over Zoom with live instructor

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CSS Fundamentals

Learn how to beautifully format your pages using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). Topics include:

  • Inline, internal, and external stylesheets
  • Applying rules: selectors, properties and values
  • Text formatting: font types, spacing, and colors
  • Image, background and border effects
  • Classes and IDs
  • DIVs and SPANs
Duration:12 hours
Format:One-on-one, online over Zoom with live instructor
WordPress screenshot

WordPress Fundamentals

WordPress is the technology behind over 30% of websites. With innumerable "plugins" that expand its basic capabilities, you can relatively quickly put together a professional-looking site if you have a good understanding of how WordPress works. Topics include:

  • How to get wordpress: wordpress.com vs. wordpress.org
  • Logging in to the admin area: wp-admin
  • Designating the home page and the blog page
  • Creating pages
  • Creating posts
  • Adding images
  • Setting the menu
  • Understanding settings
  • Applying different themes
  • Installing plugins
Duration:12 hours
Format:One-on-one, online over Zoom with live instructor
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